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This fansite aims in dedicating, loving, and supporting (aka Jungkook, kookie, Cooky, koo, jungkookie) our ‘Golden Maknae’ of BTS.  Here, you’ll find the most relevant and latest up-to-date information/news on him, as well as Official news info such as gifs, fan art graphics, links to BTS’ Official MV’s (both Korean and Japanese), TV/public media appearances, interviews, fanvids, magazine photoshoots, and many other topics I’ll share.  I’ll also post ‘random’ fan merchandise items I currently own on Jungkook from time to time.  In essence, I sincerely hope you’ll find this fansite to be something of interest for you. 💜


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'Under the Same Sky, Dreaming the Same Dream'

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My Precious Jungkook

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