An Interest in Reading Jungkook Fanfics Lately…

This is my first entry or post to my Jungkook fansite. Please bare with me, since I hadn’t started anything on it yet.

I want to share a fanfic story I’ve been reading for some time now on Wattpad, and it’s about our lovely Jungkook. It’s a story that’s actually a crime police/suspense/thriller type of story, which I’ve also loved for quite a long time, mostly with k-dramas that I love watching from time to time, in my spare time.

First of all, I’ve leaned away lately from reading fanfic stories in general, and maybe it’s because I’m much older in age (a much older noona), I don’t know. I’d been disinterested in reading them for many years. Perhaps it’s because the types I used to find in the past, were ones that were yaoi-types.

I’m certainly not a fan of those fanfics, especially ones that have to do with BTS with one another. (i.e. boy-on-boy, etc.) I find those too cringe-worthy for me to read, I guess. Sorry for the fans out there that still read those stories (and/or fans of those), and this is by NO means an offense to you for loving yaoi fanfics. Just only for me, I don’t find them appealing for my liking or taste. I’m not a fan of those at all. But, that’s just ME.

So, to find a lot of fanfics that are not like that, has truly been a blessing on my heart to become interested in reading them again, and even become a fan of certain writers who write the kinds I’ve become a fan to. ❤️

I’ve been finding them A LOT on Wattpad, and I also opened an account on there, even though I don’t write fanfic stories myself, and I’m not a writer. I’m just a fan of reading them and have added several writers to my Wattpad page. It lets you add some of the favorite books of the writers you like, and showcases their book cover graphics on your account. I mostly only have Jungkook fanfic books on my account, so far. 💜 For example, the reason why I love Wattpad so much is the writers I’ve added are ones that write in ‘y/n’ in their storylines. (i.e. y/n = you, as the main character in a fanfic story with your favorite K-Pop idol, etc.) Now do you see what type of fanfic stories I love? I love ones that set you as the main character in the story, right alongside your bias or ultimate bias in whatever K-Pop group you love!

So, for starters, below is the fanfic graphic cover and a link to the JK fanfic I’m still finishing reading, and love the storyline to death! 💜 (i.e. NOTE: When this fanfic cover says ‘girl’ that’s mistaken as a killer, the writer meant y/n or ‘you’ as the girl that’s mistaken as the killer in the story.)

Cr Wattpad Cover: KOOKA✔

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