Welcome, fellow ARMY!

I’d like to welcome all of you who’ve never been to my fansite before.  I’m Reiko and everyone who knows me on social media call me by my first name.  I actually have an American first name but, I wish to not go by it at all. (I’ve never liked it growing up. lol) I’m American Japanese, so please call me ‘Reiko’; thank you.

I’ve finally finished my Jungkook Project I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time now.  Been contemplating on wanting to open a fansite dedicated to my ultimate bias in BTS, Jeon Jungkook. (better known as ‘Jungkook’ from the K-Pop music artist group, BTS). Their Korean group name is Bangtan Sonyeondan, but they’re also known as Beyond The Scene.

I’m staring from scratch, so please bare with me.  Previously, this fansite of mine used to be called ‘Changmin’s Heaven’ long ago. (from the duo K-Pop music artist group, TVXQ!) I’m no longer of interest in them anymore, so what better way to change my entire fansite into a Jungkook/BTS one instead.  I also went as far as deleting prior posts I’ve had, and I just kept the domain to it.  I also changed the fansite name to what it currently is, ‘My Precious Jungkook’.

In the next several posts, I’ll do an Intro about myself, my love/hobby for BTS and Jungkook (JK), and how/when I got into BTS and JK.

Hope you’ll be able to stick around and continue coming back here, as I’ll try to upkeep this JK fansite as much as possible.  If anyone has any other questions re Jungkook or the group BTS, or anything you wish to ask that’s outside of K-Pop, feel free to do so in comments. (including questions about myself, etc.)  I’d be more than willing and happy to answer anything your heart desires.

For now, I’ll just say…so nice to meet you all, and I 💜Purple💜 you, ARMY!!!! 🤟

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